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A security solution that prevents ransomware from encrypting critical data

Ransomware Data Security Solution

A cutting-edge security solution designed to protect your file shares from modern ransomware threats. Ghost File proactively detects ransomware activities originating from users and devices, blocking malicious cypher-based write-back attempts to your enterprise data stores. This shields your data from ransomware attacks effectively.

Ghost File augments your existing security strategy, which may include network-based inspections for advanced threats and endpoint-based defense strategies. Think of Ghost File as a robust last line of defense, safeguarding your data stores in the event that ransomware bypasses your primary defenses (network and endpoint).

By using Ghost File, you can significantly reduce the blast radius of a ransomware attack, limiting its destructive impact and preserving the integrity of your data. This proactive defense mechanism removes your data stores from the list of potential ransomware targets, eliminating the necessity of reverting to backups for data recovery.

How It Works

Dymium Ghost File acts as a protective layer in front of your enterprise data stores, adding a layer of ransomware threat prevention without being noticeable to users. It functions by mimicking the data store to users while securely fetching and returning data from your actual data stores through the Ghost File share. Ghost File intelligently monitors the nature of data access and the type of data being written back. If it detects encryption or cypher-based modifications typically associated with ransomware, Ghost File immediately blocks these malicious write-backs, effectively neutralizing the threat.

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Ransomware Secure Features

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The solution eliminates the complexity, availability, and timeliness challenges of duplicating data into data warehouses or data lakes. 


The solution also complements and easily integrates with existing IT infrastructure and other security solutions ensuring businesses can upgrade their cybersecurity without disrupting operations


It uniquely combines a zero trust architecture, centralized access policies, real-time, universal data translation services, and AI and machine learning, ensuring only authorized users can access the right data regardless of its location, while effectively preventing ransomware attacks

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Dymium Ghost File offers a new way to protect data in your data silos. Let us show you how it can benefit your organization.