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Dymium: The Secure Access Zone... Wherever Your Data Lives

Zero Trust + Universal Access Policies + Real-time Data Transformation


Dymium creates a secure access zone around your data in its existing location and format - ensuring its protection and automatically applying policy-driven access for your users. 


The Dymium Platform

The Dymium Platform, a service-oriented data architecture, gives users access to data in the format they need, with the access level permissions they are entitled to, regardless of data location or format and without accessing the data directly or having to move or duplicate the data.

In the modern data landscape, where data science and AI projects have accelerated, protecting PII has become a pressing problem. Dymium applies your compliance policies in real-time, redacting some information, masking other information, or even replacing your data with synthetic data.


Try Dymium

Try Dymium and learn how your data can be more secure, and freed up for access and drive greater innovation.