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Universal, Compliance-Aware Data Access Where Your Data Lives

We are on mission to accelerate innovation and agility without putting your company, your country or your citizens at risk.

We believe that data does not need to move to be accessed. It can stay where it is. No extra copies. No new databases, lakes or warehouses. No separate access policies and environments to manage.  Users should be able to access only the data that they need, in the context they need it, in the right format in real-time without the burden of managing yet another data environment.

Taking user access to where the data lives

Dymium takes data access to where your data lives rather than you having to move it or build yet another data lake or data warehouse.

The Dymium Platform uniquely combines centralized access policies with real-time, universal data translation services over a zero-trust architecture, ensuring that only authorized users can access the right data, regardless of its location or format, without directly connecting to the data store or moving the data.


Why Dymium for Secure Data Access

Zero Trust.

Maximizing Security, Minimizing Risk

  • No sharing of sensitive data
  • Support internal privacy & compliance initiatives
  • Streamline data audits

Zero Friction.

Simplifying Data Management & Reducing Costs

  • Eliminate need to migrate or change existing data stores
  • Enable any-to-any collaboration with third parties, partners, internal departments

Zero Delay.

Empowering Real-Time Access

  • Reduce time spent by data teams harvesting varied data elements
  • Easily enable new services and applications

Ready to learn more?

Try Dymium and learn how your data can be more secure, and freed up for access and drive greater innovation.